Don't Let A Loved One Be Exploited or Unduly Influenced

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You don't want to face your family in court, but you'll do whatever it takes to protect your loved one's legacy. My office, Herbert W. Fiss, Jr., P.A. can help. I offer comprehensive estate litigation services in the Tampa, FL area. Rely on me, Attorney Fiss, to resolve issues between your family members and represent you in court.

Schedule a free consultation today to take care of your estate litigation needs. Whether you're contesting a will or becoming a legal guardian, you can count on me to guide you through the process swiftly.

Find out what I can do for you

Find out what I can do for you

I understand how difficult it can be to face your family in court. You can count on me to support you at every step. My services include:

  • Contested wills, if you believe your loved one was subjected to undue influence
  • Breaches of Fiduciary Duty, when an executor, guardian or trustee has misappropriated assets
  • Contested probate, if you believe there's an issue with the division of your loved one's property
  • Contested guardianship, if you believe you should be your loved one's guardian

To start contesting a will, or to learn more about contested guardianship, contact me in Tampa, FL today. You can schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

Why choose Herbert W. Fiss, Jr., P.A.?

I am dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to clients in Tampa, FL and the surrounding area. You can count on me to fight for you and your loved one because:

  • I'm experienced- having served the Tampa community for over 26 years.
  • I'm knowledgeable- I know how to navigate difficult family dynamics. I'll look out for your best interests.

Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you. I am happy to answer your questions.

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