We have always received wonderful representation with Herb and often the opposing party develops a bad case of sour grapes because they lost their case while Herb's client won their case. We know several of his clients who trust that Herb is fair and will do the best job possible for his clients.

Connie GeeAbate

Herbert is very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him as your attorney. He's fantastic.

Rachael Warthen

Great attorney and excellent at getting you the compensation you deserve!!

Tony Montana

Completely disregard anyone who says Herb Fiss cares nothing about the welfare of children; making sure my teen daughter lived in a stable environment was his priority in my divorce case. He has two really great children of his own, so he understands the importance of making sure children are in a safe family situation.

He is aggressive and thorough. He provided me with great counsel for several years while I tried to work on my marriage. He was patient, but I should have listened to him from the start. He is experienced and recognized that the patterns in my marriage would not improve, but worsen. I finally listened to him and stopped the fruitless effort of a dissolution and went forward with a contested divorce. That was the very best route in my case.

This is a solid, ethical attorney and I'm grateful for his expertise.

Kim F.

We hired this lawyer after another person suggested we hire him. - We hired a custom builder in Florida and this builder has caused my family financial hardship and stress that has broken up my family. Since this builder has proven to be very sneaky we knew we had to have the best, so we interviewed 3 lawyers. In the end we chose Herb Fiss and all I can say our fight is no where near over but we had 2 battles so far and boy I'm impressed and even when I thought we didn't have a chance Herb came through. I have no doubts in the future the quality and dedication of his service. If you have any questions you can contact me personally about his service

Kyle B.