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You love your mother. As she grows older, you work hard to make sure she has the care she needs. So, when it came time for her to get a legal guardian, you thought the court would choose you for sure. Unfortunately, your siblings didn't make the choice so simple. If other family members are petitioning the court to become your mother's legal guardian, hire an experienced attorney to represent your wishes.

I have over 40 years of experience practicing contested guardianship law in Tampa, FL. I can help you prove to the court that you should be your loved one's legal guardian.

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What does the court use to determine guardianship?

What does the court use to determine guardianship?

If several people come forward with the intent of becoming your loved one's legal guardian, they will most likely have to state their case in court. The court will choose a guardian based on:

  • The relationship they have with the intended ward
  • The health and lifestyle needs of the ward
  • Their financial status
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